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Ad blocking: How did we get here?


This past Yom Kippur, I found myself not only reflecting on the myriad sins, affronts and minor transgressions I’ve committed over the past year, but the recent and on-going controversy about ad blocking. Publishers working against advertisers, advertisers working against publishers and both working against the consumer – how did we get here? I found […]

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Why customer centricity must be part of your strategy


This post is contributed by Patricia Foell, Senior Director, Strategic Consulting at Epsilon.  Across industries, across channels and across the globe, the words customer centricity are heard in every conversation about the customer experience. “The customer must be at the center of the business” and “know your customer” are common mantras. But what does this […]

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2015 consumer holiday shopping outlook


For most retailers holiday planning is well underway and has been for some time. But what’s on the minds’ of consumers this holiday shopping season and what can retailers expect? Today, Epsilon announced findings from recent consumer holiday shopping research, which was conducted in June and surveyed more than 3,000 consumers. The research, which covers […]

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