Thought Leadership

Just as we advise our clients on how to crystallize and manage information to capitalize on their potential, we leverage our own intellectual capital to produce relevant points-of-view regarding current industry trends, proprietary research and the latest developments in marketing.


Payments Data Analytics Can Spur Real-Time Action

Analytics of consumer payments data has transformed the ways credit card companies understand and engage their customers and prospects. The ability to market one-to-one at scale is no longer just a competitive advantage; it’s quickly becoming a must.    Read more


The Digital Recipe for Marketing Food

Consumers lover food. Therefore, marketers have a wealth of consumer enthusiasm to tap into many ways—particularly in digital channels—to spark conversations around their products and services.    Read more


Hadoop There It Is: Big Data Tech Gaining Traction

As companies collect more data on how consumers interact with their businesses, the Hadoop open source storage system is emerging as a key technology for breaking up large chunks of data into smaller pieces.   Read more


The Plain Facts: Shifting the Conversation to the Use of Data

Much has been said in the media about the collection of consumer data by data-driven marketers. But, with the conversation stalled on collection, we are missing an important piece of the dialogue—how data-driven marketers are using consumer data.    Read more


Putting Customers at the Center of Your Universe

The acceleration and fragmentation of digital channels has created challenges across all industries. Today, it’s our responsibility to engage intelligently and securely with consumers across a number of channels with a focus on a singular customer experience.    Read more


As Competitors Focus on Tech, Epsilon Is All About Services

Of the three legacy data-marketing services companies, Epsilon has been the quietest in media and advertising services.   Read more


5 Ways to Win the Numbers Game

Consumers are getting antsy about the kind of information marketers are collecting about them. That makes it all the more important to ensure your company is making the most of the data it already has at its disposal.   Read more


Celebrations And Holiday Opportunities

Nielsen's recent survey on Hispanic heritage celebrations underscored that Latinos represent a door that is only partly ajar when it comes to occasion-based marketing (OBM).  Read more


Twitter Expands Tailored Audiences to Let Brands Target Their Promoted Tweets With Email Addresses and User IDs

Last month, Twitter launched tailor audiences to let brands target their Promoted Tweets using browser cookies. Today, the company expanded the advertising product to include email addresses and user IDs.  Read more


Fewer Gmail Users Are Opening Retailers' Messages This Shopping Season

Gmail shoppers, who tend to be wealthier and more tech-savvy, clicked on retail emails 14.5 percent more than Yahoo users before the change to Gmail, according to Epsilon.  Read more


Why Email Marketing Is Vital To A Brand’s Health

Not long ago I received the results of a survey entitled Shopping with Social Media which was conducted by Ryan Partnership, a behavioral marketing agency.   Read more


Using Data to Give Experiences and Engagement Context

Despite all the complexities of omnichannel message creation and deployment, demand-side publishing, Big Data and technology the modern world of marketing is fundamentally simple: More emphasis needs to be focused on customers’ wants needs and desires.   Read more


Gmail Tabs: For Better or For Worse

Google's Gmail Tabs has caused an uproar since it began a phased rollout in July. The new format segregates mail into types, including a “Promotional” queue that houses commercial appeals. Epsilon SVP and email authority Quinn Jalli, for one, sees nothing but trouble for marketers in being exiled to an e-com gulag.   Read more


Amazon’s Impact on Shopper Marketing

Reaching today’s shopper is harder than ever. Gone are the days of broad-based, brand or retailer-led push communications that deliver scale. This isn’t new news, of course; shopper marketers in tune with their audiences know this to be fact, and have been altering how they communicate with their audience these last few years.   Read more


What’s in a Name? Data Broker or Marketing Data Broker?

The marketing industry has come under fire recently for its use of consumer data to provide ads and offers. There are a number of misconceptions at the heart of the issue. To begin with, we should correct the misperception that all data brokers operate the same.   Read more


An Ounce of Prevention for Mobile Marketing Sickness

In the past six years we've realized two simple truths in email marketing: 1) the mass adoption of smartphones has significantly challenged email marketers; and, 2) by and large, the efforts to address the drop in click and conversion rates associated with mobile-email consumption have simply failed.   Read more


Big Data Trends 2014: New Uses, New Challenges, New Solutions

It’s hard to find a business enable that’s evolving as quickly as Big Data analytics. This undisputed darling of the loyalty program and retail world has now infiltrated nearly every industry...   Read more


Mobile and Targeting Drive Up Email Opens

Nearly one in three emails sent in North America during Q1 2013 were opened—the highest number in recent history. Mobile device adoption and the use of marketing automation to send more targeted emails are having among the biggest impacts on email performance, according to a new eMarketer report, “Email Benchmarks: Key Metrics and Trends for 2013.”   Read more


Talk to Donors As If They Never Left

Seven is the magic number – in general, but it is really special when it comes to lapsed donors. Rob Reger, senior vice president of Epsilon’s data solutions, moderated a panel at the Bridge To Integrated Marketing Conference in Oxon Hill, Md.   Read more


3 Important Ways Print is Transforming Direct Mail

“Since the dawn of the Web, people having been finding excuses to declare print dead. One of those has long been that it's not interactive or as flexible as digital communications.”   Read more


5 Tips for Boosting Mobile Email Opens

“As with Mark Twain, it seems that reports of the death of email marketing have been greatly exaggerated. Epsilon and Email Institute's "Q1 2013 North America Email Trends and Benchmarks" report found that email open rates continue to grow on the back of mobile devices.”   Read more


Retailers’ Mobile Challenges Multiply With Email

“Mobile is close to hitting a tipping point as the primary way that consumers read email and eventually shop from, so why are most retailers still not nailing the basics?”   Read more


Activation Imperatives

“Marketing plans require a lot of hard work. You know that. You and your teams probably invest months of time, slogging through lessons learned, development of objectives and strategies, working with discipline partners to develop your game-changing ideas, and then figuring out how to activate them on budget, and for the anticipated return. It’s a rite of passage that happens every year, for every brand.”   Read more


What Influences Customers Most?

“With the proliferation and fragmentation of media, the marketing landscape has become much more complex. The good old days when marketers more or less had complete control over what consumers experienced via traditional offline and online push media and channels are long gone. “   Read more


How Facebook’s Partner Categories Level the Playing Field—For Good

“Facebook would seem to be an ideal ad vehicle for small local businesses. But it's never lived up to its promise. Until maybe now.”   Read more


Why Brands Must Refine the Mobile Email Experience

“The train. An elevator. The mall. A restaurant. Consumers today can engage with email via their mobile devices from virtually any location and at any given time. “   Read more


Triggered Email Volume on the Rise: Survey

“The use of triggered email messaging is up 73% year over year, with triggered messages yielding 70.5% higher open rates and 101.8% higher click rates, according to Epsilon’s Q4 2012 North America Email Trends and Benchmarks Report.”   Read more


Facebook Lets Advertisers Tap Purchase Data Partners To Target Customers, Categories Like Car-Buyer

“Through new partnerships with top online and offline purchase data providers Datalogix, Epsilon, Acxiom, and BlueKai, Facebook is now allowing advertisers to target hashed lists of existing and potential customers, and categories like role-playing gamers or soda drinkers.”   Read more


5 Predictions For The ‘Year of eCommerce’

“Nearly all CPG marketers have been faced with the same business challenge in recent years: How to plan for the evolving eCommerce landscape.”   Read more


In Mail We Trust

“Direct mail is a trusted channel, in every sense of the word. Indeed, four in 10 consumers say they prefer to receive sensitive health information in sealed envelopes from their mailboxes, according to Epsilon's 2012 Channel Preference Study, released today. The reason: Privacy issues with email."  Read more


Retailers Find Profits with Paperless Receipts

“As smartphones proliferate, more stores and banks are offering to e-mail shoppers their receipts rather than giving them a printed copy. These electronic or digital receipts, touted as green for saving paper and convenient for saving time, enable retailers to market directly to customers."  Read more


Optimizing Your Online Ad Spending Across Platforms

“Many online marketers love audience-based display advertising, but their audience optimization remains trapped within each media platform. Audience-based display advertising starts with the consumer, asking “which consumers should I target?” instead of simply “on which web site should I advertise?""  Read more


Jaguar Land Rover Aims to Increase Customer Retention

“Many automobile brands commonly use a blend of traditional and digital strategies to attract new customers. But a growing number of brands, such as Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), are also leveraging cutting-edge technologies to retain customers in an after-sales environment."  Read more


Rethinking Email Engagement: Best Practices vs. Revenue

“In no other marketing discipline have "best" practices and revenue been at such odds as they have been in email marketing. The conflict arises from the fact that the incremental cost of sending another million emails is virtually nothing and, therefore, marketers were, until recently, incented to always send more."  Read more


Epsilon Promises More Personal Email Ads

“Email marketers are about to be swimming in new ways to reach their subscribers. This week Facebook will begin letting brands target their email subscribers with ads on Facebook, and yesterday (Sept. 4) marketing technology platform Epsilon announced the ability for brands to email consumers based on what device they’re most likely to read and click a link contained in the message at a given moment in time."  Read more


Tackling Multichannel Attribution

“Brands reach their consumers via an ever-increasing number of channels. The ability to accurately parse out the effects on buying behavior of the various touch points, and understand each channel’s impact on an individual level, is becoming critical."  Read more


Can Facebook Ads Work for Large Brands? Readers Respond

“Can Facebook ads work for large brands? Readers respond to the July Gloves Off question."  Read more


Extreme Makeover, Time-Based Marketing Edition

“In “The Power of Now” (In the Spring 2012 issue of COLLOQUY), the first of our three-part series on time-based marketing, John Bartold introduced the concept of real-time."  Read more


Epsilon: Open Rates for Triggered Emails Soar

“Marketing services firm Epsilon and the Direct Marketing Association's (DMA) Email Experience Council released the Q1 2012 North America Email Trends and Benchmarks report, which shows a 12.6% year-over-year open rate increase in both triggered emails and business as usual (BAU) emails and a 5.9% increase over Q4 2011, says Jennifer Wiese, analytic consultant at Epsilon. Overall open rate was at 26.2%."  Read more


New Media Channels and Data Raise Agency Profits

Now that the recession is arguably over, direct marketing agencies are in an especially fortunate position. Given their efficiency and accountability, they're poised for success in the data driven digital marketing revolution — and business is finally beginning to grow, according to many agency heads.  Read more


Segmentation Optimizes Customer Experiences

Segmentation increases the relevancy of marketing messages, which can result in higher open and click-through rates, as well as stronger sales.  Read more


Maximizing Your Hotel Reward Programs

Even though they are increasing in popularity, hotel loyalty reward programs — better known as frequent guest programs — still have lots of catching up to do to the frequent flyer programs.  Read more


Three Steps to Building Loyalty to Last

Gain identification of the consumer. Don’t stop there. Learn even more about the consumer with third party data. Become part of their social circle and connect with them on a regular basis.  Read more


The Problem With Channel Attribution: Developing Marketing Metrics for Future Spend and Budget Allocation

Fractional Allocation can be quite complex. The good news is that marketers can still find answers to their questions by planning simple tests up front so they can track beyond a single mailing to count all of the media being received for a period of time in a controlled setting.  Read more


Surprise! Here’s a Ticket to a Movie Premiere, on Best Buy

If you're a Robert Pattinson fan, you probably would have liked to have been one of Best Buy's most-valued customers when, out of the blue, the retailer invited a handful of top shoppers and their family members to an exclusive preview of "Twilight Eclipse."  Read more


The Journey to Real Time: 5 Steps for Retail Marketers

Today’s consumers want and expect information in real time. Many retailers are saddled with outdated technology that hinders their ability to interact with consumers in a timely manner. The following five steps can help retailers overcome this obstacle, incorporate real-time communications and improve their overall marketing strategy:   Read more