Agility Harmony Messaging

Because Agility Harmony™ comes from Epsilon, marketers have the advantage of using a digital messaging platform developed by marketers, for marketers from the ground up. Epsilon works with enterprise clients daily to deliver cutting-edge email marketing and cross-channel campaigns that drive better results. Epsilon is passionate about digital marketing and shares marketers’ desire to deliver a better customer experience.

What makes Agility Harmony different is the focus Epsilon places on solving everyday challenges for digital marketers. From creating campaigns more efficiently to applying advanced data segmentation more effectively, this innovative software-as-a-service solution is all about making the job easier and improving email marketing and cross-channel performance at an enterprise scale.

Agility Harmony is designed to deliver campaigns intelligently across all digital channels. That is why Epsilon engineered Agility Harmony from the ground up to share real-time intelligence from channel to channel. As new digital channels emerge and evolve, Agility Harmony was developed to evolve with them.

Epsilon has a successful history of improving consumer engagement. Epsilon knows how to transform consumer data of all types into actionable marketing intelligence. And with Agility Harmony, Epsilon is introducing a simple, yet powerful solution that places this intelligence where it is most valuable – at marketers’ fingertips.