Economic Downturns:
A Time of Uncertainty,
A Window of Opportunity.

Loyalty marketing relationships can deliver mutual benefits for consumer and customer, especially in hard economic times. Maintaining and growing customer relationships through a recession can ensure steady revenue base without the need to focus on costly acquisition campaigns.

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Marketing Technology

Marketing Technology is no longer simply a problem that must be solved. It is a strategic asset that puts customers at the center of the business by creating meaningful dialogues that appear seamless across all marketing channels.

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But how do you remain nimble enough to change and execute strategies in real time while sifting through the ever-growing terabytes of data? Our solutions combine rich profile data, customer transaction information and real-time behavioral data together with ingenuity to deliver highly relevant and engaging content and offers.

We also specialize in building highly customized solutions to support our clients' unique needs and integrate with our full suite of marketing services. We can handle everything from large-scale CRM initiatives to proprietary database solutions.

It's why Forrester Research ranks us as a top Database Marketing Services Provider. And some of the world's foremost customer databases and loyalty programs like Hilton HHonors and Citi Thankyou are powered by Epsilon Marketing Technologies.