Epsilon Agility Marketing Solutions™

Lifecycle marketing converged across measurable media

In an always expanding, connected world, the proliferation of available information — Big Data — is unprecedented. It has created the opportunity to better understand and viably engage with consumers more than ever before. This new marketing paradigm has also created a marketer’s greatest challenge: Managing the complexity to optimize consumer connections.

Collecting, managing and analyzing these massive amounts of data are the keys to delivering valuable brand interactions that generate profitable, long-term customer relationships.

Powering customer connections in hyper speed

Combining 40+ years of database marketing experience with digital expertise, Epsilon Agility Marketing Solutions™ was created — an integrated, agile, and ROI-driven set of on-demand data-driven solutions for global enterprises. Epsilon enables brands to create meaningful connections with customers across physical and virtual channels with speed, efficiency and accuracy.

From email connections to loyalty programs, Epsilon Agility Marketing Solutions
enables brands to:

  • Identify data with the greatest strategic potential to optimize ROI
  • Create robust profiles that lead to meaningful insights
  • Deliver advanced analytics against Big Data
  • Converge actionable data on the individual and granular audience levels
  • Deploy effective engagement across media channels and industry categories 
  • Boost sales and returns on marketing investment
  • Measure revenue drivers that optimize budget allocation