Industry Solutions

From data to analytics and technology to engaging channel communications, Epsilon's expertise is providing customized solutions to our clients. We bring forth strategy and data for insights, technology for targeted communications and creative programs to drive engagement — all leading to quantifiable customer connections that deliver solid business results.


Taking a national manufacturers brand message and promotions, customizing it to local dealerships across North America, even tailoring it to the...  Read more

Consumer Packaged Goods

True consumer insights drive product success. Understanding behavior, knowing shoppers' brand preferences, developing engaging...  Read more

Health Care

Health care marketers must find new ways to connect with professionals and patients as both audiences are changing the way they seek health information in the digital age...  Read more


In the retail industry, the ability to provide dynamic, real-time marketing experiences are what sets Epsilon apart. Abacus Cooperative Data...  Read more

Travel & Hospitality

Travel & Hospitality marketers are driven by the mandate to build awareness, drive repeat stays...  Read more


Business-to-Business marketers understand that when you successfully reach a business buyer, you open the door for repeat purchases or...  Read more

Financial Services & Insurance

Understanding customers and when they are "in market" for financial services and insurance is critical for today's marketer...  Read more


Getting donors’ attention and contributions are challenging feats for non-profits in an age where there are more organizations and more...  Read more

Telecom & Technology

The digital age involves consumers who are empowered and their expectations of brand interactions have shifted. To drive business growth...  Read more