Product Solutions

Epsilon's rich portfolio of high-performing data and multichannel marketing technology products are unparalleled. From understanding who customers are to the powerful ability to micro-target and instantly deliver relevant messages, we use the channels that matter based on customer preference and rooted in analytics that drive outcomes. Epsilon's configurable products bring it all together for our clients.

Marketing Data

Data provides the foundation for relevant connections with customers. Analytics shape insights. The more you know...  Read more


Technology has shifted the way consumers engage and interact with brands. The ability to connect with individuals and...  Read more

Agility Loyalty

The total loyalty solution empowered by the strategic minds of our loyalty experts.

For over 40 years, our loyalty experts at Epsilon have been surveying the loyalty landscape to d...  Read more

Online Targeting

The digital era has shifted audiences online and addressable media offers brands the opportunity to maximize their online campaigns...  Read more

Agility Harmony Messaging

Because Agility Harmony™ comes from Epsilon, marketers have the advantage of using a digital messaging platform developed by marketers...  Read more