Marketing Data

Data provides the foundation for relevant connections with customers. Analytics shape insights. The more you know about what your customers are doing, thinking and buying, the more targeted your messages and offers become in the physical and virtual worlds. With three different proprietary data sets, Epsilon is the leading source of marketing data. We have information on more than 250 million consumers and 120 million business contacts, and we specialize in providing marketers with the clearest 360-degree view of their customer's lifestyles, attitudes and behaviors. It's this information that gives you the insight and targeting know-how you need for better campaign performance.

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Compiled Data

TotalSource PlusTM allows our clients to take advantage of the most comprehensive compiled data source available today. By aggregating and

Survey Data

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Transactional Data

With the largest, most comprehensive transactional database anywhere, Epsilon’s Abacus Cooperative provides clients with marketing data on nearly all U.S...  Read more