Compiled Data

TotalSource PlusTM allows our clients to take advantage of the most comprehensive compiled data source available today. By aggregating and compiling data from literally hundreds of sources that minimize “manufactured data” more commonly used in the industry, Epsilon provides clients with unparalleled information about their customers. From demographics to lifestyles and propensity to buy, TotalSource Plus and Target New MoverSM data, improves market data and enables better targeting that turns prospects into customers and customers into ongoing relationships with the brands they value.

TotalSource Plus breaks down nearly every U.S. individual and household into
actionable elements:

  • Demographic detail ranging from age, contact information and occupation to family composition
       market segmentation
  • Financial perspectives ranging from income and net worth to home value and equity and financial attractiveness
  • Behavioral insights for channel preference, in-market or RFM perspective, spending vs. income and seasonality
  • Life event activities that signal key buying cycles, such as new mover, new child, new auto, etc.
  • Lifestyle perspectives to learn what interests or motivates spending and decisions such as investing, music,
       cooking, outdoor recreation, etc.
  • Consumer behavior insights for the likelihood to engage, purchase or consume products and services

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