Survey Data

Precision targeting delivers ROI. Unlock the power to reach consumers with proven histories of mail response through North America's largest consumer responder database — and target customized messages that cut through the clutter to uncover what drives behavior with the unmatched depth, breadth and performance of TargetSource. With more than 1,000 data variables, you can confidently target North American households with pinpoint precision.

Access unique, rich self-reported consumer data found nowhere else —
100% permission-based and opt-in:

  • 54 million consumers in the U.S. & Canada
  • Over 43MM households
  • 3MM new responders annually
  • 1,000 self-reported points of preference, including brand usage, purchase intent, lifestyle, demographic,
       behavioral and attitudinal
  • Over 4 million validated email addresses that are 100% opt-in
  • Available as postal and email lists; data license and enhancement; segmentation studies, profiles and models