Aspen CRM Platform

Our leading Automotive CRM Platform offers dealers and OEMs an integrated marketing solution suite:

  • Content-managed gateway
       enables in-line, real-time
       editing capabilities for coupons
       and incentives
  • Database list management
       allows user to integrate with
       Dealership DMS and uploaded
       lists into database
  • Customizable output based on
       customer preference (mail,
       email and SMS)
  • Advanced reporting and analytics
       to see results and help fine
       tune campaigns

For automotive marketers, creating a strong connection to customers is paramount across the entire customer lifecycle — start to finish. From purchase to service appointments and ideally to repurchase, customer loyalty drives business growth for both OEMs and dealerships. Aspen Marketing, has more than 25 years of expertise in the automotive industry that has enabled us to perfect integrated marketing automation platforms, allowing dealerships and OEMs to take their CRM capabilities to the next level. Aspen’s Automotive CRM Platform is a global proprietary platform that empowers individual dealers, dealer groups and OEMs to drive sales and services business through our platform’s database management system, customizable portals and advanced reporting suite. The enhanced capabilities within the platform allows for faster self-serve delivery campaigns, tailored services to customers and sophisticated enterprise reporting, making the platform more integrated and responsive.