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Discover a better way to succeed.

Succeeding today means efficiently acquiring more of the right customers, strengthening relationships with the ones you have, and reaching them all in the touch points they prefer. So, if your marketing data isn't delivering the response or results you demand, then your data isn't performing.

Whether you need the most responsive lists and universes for multichannel acquisition campaigns, up-to-date customer information to complement your houseflies or CRM platform, or data solutions that help make your next online campaign more successful, you'll appreciate the improvement that Epsilon's data can make. And with more relevant data modeled or available to meet your campaign needs, you'll receive the data that makes a difference–that's the data that matters.

Trust experience.

For 30 years, we've been setting the standard in high performing marketing data. We've helped more than 20,000 brands achieve their goals. Whether the need is for 50,000 prospects, millions of category buyers, or a comprehensive 360-degree view of customers, marketers depend on us for the most detailed, up to the minute, actionable data available that is backed by the most exacting quality control in the industry.

From modeling direct marketing campaigns to market segmentation solutions and trade area analyses for retail and local marketing initiatives, we have a solution to help your marketing operation and business improve. Contact us today (1-866-224-8274) to learn firsthand how you can start benefiting from the data that matters and the data that performs.


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