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MarTech is hard: Focus on your needs, not just the tools


I recently wrote about the false hopes and hidden costs that marketing automation is bringing to many companies. With the best of intentions, leaders often hope that new technologies and capabilities will pull teams together and these newly empowered marketers will drive breakthrough returns. While companies understand the need to give tools to their marketers, […]

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Marketing tech in transition: Big Data


In this marketing tech in transition series, my team and I highlight four imperatives: Big Data, Cloud, Identity Resolution and Artificial Intelligence. and share how applying these imperatives will transform your marketing tech.  To dive deeper into our Big Data journey over the last five years, I sat down with Epsilon’s Enterprise Architecture leads,  Prashanth Athota, Krishna […]

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Marketing tech in transition: Four imperatives


Applying Big Data, Cloud, Identity Resolution and Artificial Intelligence will Transform Your Marketing Tech If you are reading this, you are likely curious about how to transform. You want your company to be more innovative. You want to your brand to be relevant in five years. You want to see your top line grow or […]

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