Direct Mail Masterclass- 26th January 2021

On 26th January 2021, Ben Collier, New Business Director at Epsilon was joined by Paul Newton, Director at PSE Offline Marketing and Chloe Pepper from Monica Vinader, to discuss Direct Mail as both an acquisition and retention channel, and how you can deliver a value proposition built on trust and a relationship that trumps the individual transaction.

Here’s a quick roundup of the day:

  • Direct Mail is undoubtedly delivering in the Digital age. With email fatigue and digital noise, brands are relying more and more on Direct Mail to build trust and loyalty of their brands.
  • Mail delivers on experience: Direct Mail has better cut through. 100% of recipients, whether prospects or your own customers, will receive the mail piece - compare that to your email open rates!
  • New customers through direct mail show a better lifetime value – engagement with print coupled with transactionally-targeted audiences mean customers spend more per order and buy more frequently 
  • Don’t forget your own customers.  By mailing your own customers, Direct Mail increases engagement and spend from active customers and can help reactivate your lapsed customers
  • It’s Measurable: Justify investment in the channel through accurate, contribution level reporting

In conclusion: Direct mail can bridge the consumer trust gap, create a tactile link to both your products and brand values, and drive more new and existing customers to buy online, across your product range.  A solidly planned and designed direct mail piece cuts through digital clutter meeting your audience at home, while they are making purchase decisions.

Please find a copy of the webinar recording here: Webinar Recording

And the slides here


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