Treating loyalty as an outcome, not just a program

Making an Emotional Connection


Consumers are looking for a value proposition that reflects the holistic nature of each brand with elements such as brand authenticity, transparency and a connection to global and environmental causes that resonate with them.


Truly progressive brands have evolved to look at ALL of their customers through a loyalty lens; not only those who are enrolled in their loyalty program. These innovators use their loyalty strategies and tactics to create exceptional customer experiences, inspire passion and trust, and engender long-term relationships. These emotional connections then serve as the steppingstone to matriculate customers into a permission-based loyalty program. From there the brand can glean the data and insights to deepen the relationship and deliver more personalised experiences. And the customer can feel confident that their privacy and preferences are being respected.


In times of crisis like COVID-19, brands need to ensure they are connecting with the needs of their customers with sensitivity and empathy. Here is one example of a retailer who has connected with its customers, which reinforces that their brand promise is central to how the next generation of customer loyalty programs will be created:


Patagonia took a unique tact as they prepared for the rebound with a .com reopening announcement. This email linked to a COVID-19 update where, they restated values that align with pandemic social conscious, which synced with their overarching brand mission: buy local, repair over new and avoid consumerism.

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Loyalty is becoming more integrated into operations, which translates into stellar customer experience. It’s all about reflecting the brand and highlighting key messages and this provides a tremendous opportunity for loyalty strategies to evolve.

Delivering on your Objective to grow your loyal base through more strategic targeting of new and existing customers


Abacus Campaign 360 is an audience selection and fully managed campaign deployment solution with dedicated resource synchronous with your brand. It is the smart way to deliver highly targeted direct mail to both existing and new customers in real-time to boost your website sales and acquire customers which are more likely to become loyal customers due to relevance (personalisation) and insight that the Alliance delivers on your 'perfect customers' buying behaviours.

By using Epsilon Abacus Campaign 360, you can gain access to:

  • the expertise and support of a dedicated, experienced Analytic Consultant to provide advice and recommendations with strategic and campaign planning and support business needs
  • a dedicated team of highly skilled and experienced analysts to run your campaigns and support your data needs
  • full use of the Abacus Alliance data in your campaign solutions to enhance campaign performance

‘ We have used the Campaign 360 management solution since 2014. Our data consultant continually stays abreast of our business objectives and the recommendations we receive are very appropriate and thorough. We are safe in the knowledge that our campaign strategy is driven by qualified insight and as a result, is making a significant difference to our results.' Rowena Allen, Marketing Manager, Brora.



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