CJ’s cross-device solution: Track affiliate conversions across devices

Today, CJ Affiliate launches our cross-device solution, offering complete visibility and tracking of a consumer's path to purchase across all of their devices.

 To achieve such visibility, CJ Affiliate harnesses anonymised proprietry data, allowing us to see and recognize more consumers than anyone else within the affiliate space. This is accomplished through deterministic, transaction-based matching that enables us to match and connect consumer profiles.

To give you an idea of the scale, we now:

  • Recognise 3.4 devices per person on average per day
  • Tap into 160+ million unique consumer profiles
  • See 75 million daily online and offline transactions

This data is exclusive to CJ Affiliate within the affiliate marketing space, thanks to our relationship with parent companies Conversant and Epsilon.


Why is cross-device tracking important?

For years, affiliate marketers have struggled to see the complete picture of a customer’s path to purchase. While awareness and research occurs on one device, frequently the actual conversion takes place on another. Yet analytics solutions are often incapable of identifying that same user across their devices.

 For example, many publishers are known to drive influence within affiliate, but until now it has been difficult to quantify concrete value. With CJ’s Cross Device solution we are now able to uncover the impact of those influencers on multi-device customer journeys.

“Effective cross-device tracking opens up the mobile channel to pay-for-performance. To date, we've prioritized mobile support and exposure to campaigns supported by alternative monetization (ex. paid placement, CPM, CPC). Our mobile app is one of our most valuable assets available to the affiliate space. Cross-device tracking makes this inventory more accessible to a larger group of advertisers and budgets.”



This new insight gives affiliate marketers the ability to understand shopping and purchasing behaviour across devices—behavior that has skyrocketed and will continue to do so with time. We have learned that being able to identify publishers, audiences, and products that drive multi-device behaviour culminates in better transparency and visibility within affiliate programmes.

"As the customer journey changes, it’s important for us to track and understand it in detail from discovery to conversion. With over 50% of transactions occurring on mobile, we are excited to capture more data and conversions with CJ’s Cross-Device tracking.”


This, in turn, allows for more well-informed decisions and an increase in enriched partnerships between publishers and advertisers.

“Cross-device tracking is becoming a fundamental need in the affiliate space, and we’re excited to bring the capability to our network,” explains Waleed Al-Atraqchi, president of CJ Affiliate.


“With added visibility on key drivers of customer purchase behavior, our clients can leverage media partners to reach multi-device shoppers on a deeper level than was previously available in the industry. These insights are key to making each customer interaction meaningful, which creates growth in the affiliate channel and helps identify new or emerging partnerships.”