Epsilon earns top Data Privacy Scores from Neutronian, Q3 2023

Unlocking the true potential of data in today's marketing landscape is a balancing act: Brands have access to more information about their customers than ever before, but respecting and protecting people's privacy has never been more essential. They also need to keep a pulse on evolving consumer privacy laws. So how do marketers truly know that the data they're sourcing to craft effective campaigns, or the partner that's running them, is privacy compliant?  

In a recent white paper, "Neutronian Data Privacy Scoring," Neutronian developed a Data Privacy Scoring Methodology that assesses top data providers and domains on their overall data privacy score. Epsilon is proud to rank #1 in overall data privacy in our competitive set, landing top scores in the Policies & Compliance, Data Disclosures and Company Background categories.  

Why should marketers care about this report?  

The goal of Neutronian's Data Privacy Scoring Methodology is to "help marketers, data providers and digital publishers reduce compliance risk and costs, increase transparency and identify potential areas for improvement when it comes to data privacy." By developing this standard, marketers can be confident they're activating ad campaigns and sourcing data within privacy-safe environments—which is not only good for brands, but good for the consumers whose experience is shaped by data.  

Neutronian's Methodology  

Neutronian's Data Privacy Scoring methodology is "based on a review of data gathered from web domains and mobile applications regarding the presence and organization of key privacy policies, website/app owner background and reputation, and dataset disclosures." Neutronian assigns a data privacy score or risk rating based on their scoring algorithms that "take into account not only the presence of certain policies and information, but also how easily that information may be found and understood." 

The framework comprises three main categories, each with multiple aspects that contribute to the overall score: 

  • Policies & Compliance: Measures the data privacy risk associated with applicable laws such as GDPR and CPRA. Essentially, it answers the question "are the necessary privacy policies, opt-out procedures and compliance terms present to comply with GDPR and CPRA?" 
  • Data Disclosures: Measures "reputational risk, ensuring that data collection policies, data usage practices and data sharing, especially as it relates to the collection and use of location data and PII, are overt and transparent" to consumers whose data is being collected and buyers who need to ensure they are safely using said data. 
  • Company Background: Measures the trustworthiness of a company by confirming that a website or app discloses who they are in terms of items like "key executives, founders, investors, geographic locations or staff, and company history." 

Epsilon is a data partner you can trust 

Based on Neutronian's assessment, Epsilon achieved an overall Data Privacy Score of 84.93, the highest score in our competitive set (see figure below). 

Epsilon also came out on top in the three categories: Privacy & Compliance, Data Disclosures and Company Background: 

Screenshot 2023-11-27 at 2.40.03 PM

At Epsilon, privacy is at the center of everything we do. We're proud to be included in a report that helps marketers make sense of the data privacy landscape and guides them to a data partner that is focused on consumer privacy compliance. 

If you’d like to learn how Epsilon’s best-in-class data can lift your marketing performances and drive better business outcomes—all while keeping data privacy at the center of your marketing—check out more on Epsilon Data here.