Forrester keynote: Find your path to customer obsession

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, VP & Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, has long been analyzing and advising brands on how to create meaningful connections with today’s empowered consumers. In her recent research, she found that just 15% of enterprise firms are customer obsessed today, largely because brands don’t really know how to operationalize the concept of customer obsession.

In this session, Shar will cover the framework for being a customer obsessed brand and the questions marketers should be asking themselves when putting it into practice. Great personalization is a competitive advantage. It must be individualized, scalable and centered entirely on delighting your customers at every turn

Epsilon's Chief Strategic Growth Officer, Wayne Townsend, kicks off the session while Shar tackles topics like: 

  • Can you be customer obsessed if you don’t know who your customers are? What role does identity & 1st party data play?
  • How can brands use email as a power channel for personalization and customer connections?
  • Can innovative loyalty campaigns hit the right note with customers and drive business at the same time?
  • How are brands creating a consistent, individualized experience across digital channels, both paid and owned?