Marketing attribution in a post-cookie world

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Google has only delayed the inevitable: the end of third-party cookies is still coming. Despite Google announcing that it would stop tracking third-party cookies back in January 2020, many marketing and enterprise analytics teams are still working on ways to manage this immense change.

We have more time, but we need to use it wisely. Epsilon's Sara Stevens joins Drew Smith of IIA to share proven approaches on reaching people in a post-cookie world, how to leverage first-party data to do that and what it means to focus on identity over identifiers. They answer questions such as:

  • What options provide the best accuracy, scale and return for targeted marketing and attribution?
  • How can marketing analytics continue to sustain effective measurement?
  • How should we respond to other changes like Apple’s App Tracking Transparency which impacts access to IFDA?
  • Are there any emerging solutions gaining enough traction to merit evaluation?
  • What does the global regulatory climate look like, and the potential implications for analytics teams?

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