How to realise better outcomes from marketing technology investments

The almost unlimited potential of today’s marketing technology sometimes leads to unpredictable behaviour between consumers and brands. Brands use this technology to deliver the best consumer experience possible, and to achieve better business results. However this experience can’t be delivered through technology alone.

In fact, a combination of data, creativity and content is required in order to make the most of modern marketing technology and the experiences it can offer customers. This theme will be at the centre of the upcoming Adobe Summit, where Epsilon will be Gold Sponsors. At the event marketing leaders will discuss how this combination can help create and deliver the best consumer experiences possible.

Modern marketing technology is capable of improving our marketing efforts in a variety of ways. However, it’s clear from today’s digital customer journey that these efforts require a solid foundation of data if they are to succeed. After all, data brings our digital channels to life and is behind the truly personalised experiences we want to give our customers.

The most successful marketing uses consumer engagement data to create new business opportunities. Businesses can use this data to access audience intelligence, better target their email communications, target media buys, and increase ad revenue.

If you peel back the curtain on the efforts behind some of the world’s leading brands in customer experience you will find data to be the core of marketing-decision making. For example, the NFL understands that highly engaged fans are at the center of their successful sports league.  Driving and leveraging that engagement creates business opportunities for fantasy leagues, premium content and high-value ad targeting.  To drive these opportunities the NFL leverages data that provides audience intelligence, activation to target email communications and target media buys and increase ad revenue.

Data provides us with a solid foundation, but you also need to consider the customer journey if you want to deliver results. In order to achieve this you can use a combination of customer insights and compelling content to build brand engagement and develop the personalised experiences you’ve been after.

By combining data and content we can deliver more engaging experiences than ever and realise the full potential of modern marketing technology. But you must also be able to generate revenue from your marketing strategy and digital content, deploy it across a range of devices and measure the results.

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