[Podcast] How do the GDPR and ePD affect digital advertising?

Join digital advertising experts for this podcast series, discussing the effects of the GDPR and ePD on the industry, with a special focus on business continuity and excelling under regulation.

 This podcast series will help to clarify the obligations, and potential areas for advertisers and publishers to enhance their digital advertising activities under the new regulations brought about by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and ePrivacy Directive (ePD).

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During the podcast, the expert panel discuss the background for the new regulations, how both the GDPR and ePD are related, why they should be tackled together, and importantly, how businesses can prepare now in order to continue their digital advertising activities after these new regulations are enforced.

The panel for this podcast series:

  • Moderator: Andrew McClelland, Director, Mirador Digital
  • Daniel Shore, Privacy Counsel, Conversant and CJ Affiliate
  • Robin Davies, Managing Director of Operations, EMEA, Conversant
  • Owen Hancock, Head of Strategy, Europe, CJ Affiliate

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