[Podcast] Solving the marketing proof gap: Proving ROI to the c-suite

How do you show the true return on investment of your marketing activity in order to secure both budget and respect for the marketing function?

It's a problem faced by most CMOs, so common that it has been coined the 'marketing proof gap'. In this podcast our panel of industry experts discuss how best to solve the issue. Play the four episodes below, or listen on SoundCloud.

The marketing proof gap refers to the marketing function’s inability to report to the c-suite how their activity impacts revenue. The c-suite needs revenue-impact data to justify investment in a function, and without that data the marketing function’s fate is continual under-investment and lack of credibility.

But with advances in marketing measurement - chiefly, incrementality - is it now becoming possible for marketing functions to rid themselves of this proof gap, securing justified investment decisions by proving the revenue that marketing generates; and moving marketing away from a position of securing ‘budget’ to planning ‘investment’ strategies?

Joining our expert panel for this podcast:

  • David Lockwood, Partner, Tapestry Agency
  • Aidan Mark, Head of Performance Planning, Havas 
  • Elliott Clayton, SVP, Conversant

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