53% of marketers say they can’t personalise their ads because they don’t have the right data.  Many more of them may have only temporary data —maybe enough to deliver a retargeted ad based on recent site behaviour on one device, but not enough for truly personalised experiences across devices. When it comes to consumer profiles, bigger is better.

Marketers should start with persistent consumer IDs and then attach as much person-level data to them as possible — always stripped of personally identifiable information. For the strongest connections, each profile should have anonymised knowledge about: Who they are. Geo, demo, income and first-party data, deterministically mapped to an individual.

  1. What they buy.
    Product-level data for historical online and offline purchases — plus marketers’ site-visitation data.
  2. What they watch.
    Digital video content that’s understood using frame-by-frame analysis, not page-level categories.
  3. What they browse.
    Browsing behaviour on desktop websites, mobile websites and mobile apps.
  4. Where they go.
    Historical location points, including frequency and time of day.
  5. How they connect.
    Individual connectivity across desktop, mobile, tablet, email and websites.

Without this variety of person-level data that builds over time, marketers may be able to reach consumers — but they won’t be able to create true, personal connections with them, serving them the most relevant messages at the times they’re most likely to act, over time.

Without a single ID that persistently connects real people across all of their devices for years, marketers won’t be able to maintain relevant, ongoing conversations.

Don’t have the right consumer data? Conversant has your back. We maintain more than 160 million anonymised consumer IDs, and we track billions of actions every day (including 86 billion online actions and 75 million purchases) to build each profile across more than 7,000 dimensions. We do this without any personally identifiable information, keeping consumer privacy at the forefront.

All in all, they’re the most complex consumer profiles ever built and allow marketers to maintain relevant conversations with their customers.

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