Report on State of Loyalty Marketing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Launched

Epsilon and Martechvibe undertakes a study to evaluate the challenges marketers face when building loyalty programmes in the region, injecting data and intelligence and consumer trends.

The State of Loyalty report aims to establish the relationship between loyalty drivers, attitudes, and consumer behaviour. This report will study operational challenges, market dynamics across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, consumer behaviour and success metrics. It seeks to highlight the maturity of loyalty marketing in the region.

The Middle East marketing community is witnessing huge changes. Brands are leveraging technology to better understand their consumers, identify pain points and deliver to rising customer expectations in real-time with personalised recommendations. Enterprises are investing heavily in Martech stacks that can action these ambitious strategies at scale.

Data is at the heart of increasing retention, especially in a competitive landscape.

Loyalty marketing is critical towards this objective.

The report aims to uncover;

  •   Loyalty programme mechanics
  •   Consumer behaviours and benefit assessment
  •   Cost and value of implementation
  •   Scaling up tech stacks
  •   Channels and analytics

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