Takeaway Tips to Convert your E-mail Subscribers to Regular Customers

How to Turn Email Subscriber into Customers

Email subscription is a great way for you to figure out a list of interested people in your product. The people that sign up on your email are potential customers that can be turned into actual paying customers with some work from your end.

People on your email list are interested in your product, but not enough to have bought it already. This is where your goal becomes to convince these leads into becoming customers.

The problem in email marketing comes from uncertainty. There is no guarantee that when a customer subscribes to your list, they will open your email and go to your website. So, if you are wondering how to engage email subscribers, there are proper steps that you need to follow to ensure the leads are converted into customers.

No matter how cumbersome, email marketing is one of the most prospective ways to bring in new customers to your business. So, make sure to keep your patience strong when you are engaging in email marketing. You might see the results late, but when you see them, they will be in plenty. 

Tips on Converting Email Subscribers into Customers

  • Entice Your Prospective Buyers

The first step is to give your prospective customers something valuable to lure them into buying your products. Buyers these days do not easily buy anything by having just a single look at the product.

You need to convince your customers about your products' benefits, which can be done by giving them a short overview or a sample of your product.

So, what you can do is to offer your buyers a freebie at first. This will give them a chance to test your product and have a better understanding before purchasing it. It will help them know your brand better and create a positive association with your products.

Once you have successfully convinced the customers, they will get hooked on to your newsletters, incentivizing your customers to check your emails when they get a new one.  

Here, your subscribers will not only stay hooked on, but they will also spread word of mouth. This will help you get more and more subscribers to get added to your list, and you might successfully be able to convert your email subscribers into potential buyers. 

  • Overcome The Marketing Funnel 

Marketing funnel

The concept of marketing funnels suggests that your customers start at the top of the funnel and are slowly poured down into the bottom, where they turn into customers. In this age of digitization, the concept of a marketing funnel can be considered a little outdated.

Your list of prospective buyers should start at the bottom of the funnel. Your purpose should be to turn these prospective buyers into buying your product finally and reach the top of the funnel. 

To turn prospective customers into actual buyers, you need to put all your work and effort into the email and content marketing team. You need to constantly update and qualify your brand for getting the attention of your customers once your newsletter reaches them.

It is necessary to build a strong relationship with your email subscribers, and you can only do so by putting effort into the content and email marketing. 

The key to overcoming the marketing funnel is to be consistent with the quality and upgrading of the nature of your newsletters.

Also, first impressions are the most important so make sure to make a significant impact with your first email itself so that customers keep coming back and ultimately buy your product.

  • Make sure your website is perfect

The purpose of email marketing is to send your customers to your website for completing their purchases. If your website is not correctly optimized, it might ruin all the hard work that you have done on the email and content marketing side.

A well-optimized website will have features that can help the customers clear their own queries and get straight to purchasing your product.

A well-optimized website will also feature options like a FAQ section to help guide your customers about the product or any other query that they might have.

Having a customer support system on your website is also very helpful. There are various online services that track the user’s behaviour on your website and display them with appropriate messages to improve sales.

All these features, when put together with the hard work in the email and content marketing campaigns, can result in smooth and plentiful sales that will help your business grow bigger and better.

  • Begin slow and then pick up the speed

It is not a wise move to label the first product you are pitching to your client at a very high price. That turns the customer off immediately, and in due time they forget your brand and lose any interest that they might have had in your products.

The intelligent thing to do is to start small with products that do not cost a lot and then work your way up to the premium products that cost premium prices. This way, you ensure you are not losing the customer’s interest in the first go.

  • Personalise their journey

Now, isn’t it obvious? Won’t you like to add up that last piece of the puzzle in your road to conversion? Personalization is just that! When you learn to treat your customers with a one-on-on approach, you just increase the chances of a successful conversion by 26%.

Now, personalization has nothing to do with you sending over presents to your subscribers. You can begin with a step, as simple as putting their names on the mail. Or, you could also try to send them tailored offers, as per their tastes and preferences. 

  • Segment your list

So, you have a user base of thousands of subscribers? But the question is, how many of your subscribers are really active? Or, are all your subscribers of similar gender, age, or, share common tastes?

This is where you need to segment your subscriber's list efficiently. Break it down into smaller categories and then personalize your emails accordingly.   


Turning prospective customers into customers is not rocket science. Having good patience, being polite, and following up can help the conversions to come in no time. The key is to build a relationship between the brand and the customers, and that helps in creating the conducive environment required for sales.