The 5 keys to connecting with real people - Part IV: the benefits of Conversant’s solution

In our final post on our white paper on ‘The 5 keys to connecting with real people’ we look at the advantages of the Conversant solution and the benefits for clients.

In a world of multiple devices and browsers, getting one coherent view of the individual consumer across all the channels and devices they own and engage with remains the greatest challenge. Many brands end up working with a number of partners and combine data from a range of sources to compile an approximate profile, but too often this fragmented approach leads to a fragmented view.

The benefits of the Conversant approach are that it offers a coherent solution to this problem. Over the past decade, Conversant has invested more than a billion dollars in research and development on a solution that excels in each of the five key areas for connecting with real people. Let’s see how it stacks up against the fragmented approach:

Recognition: where a fragmented solution offers only a segment-level view of consumers, the Conversant approach recognises consumers at the personal level.

Reach: the fragmented solution reaches consumers as they interact in one place but we reach them across the channels and media where they spend their time.

Accuracy: low accuracy rates because of problems matching with cookies are a feature of a fragmented approach, whereas our approach verifies accuracy with actual consumer purchases.

Persistence: our database of profiles is updated continually with online and offline consumer transactions versus cold, inactionable profiles that don’t update with less complete solutions.

Privacy: a fragmented approach offers no guarantee of long-term privacy, whereas Conversant is committed to industry privacy best-practice.


Benefits of coherent Conversant approach

The Conversant solution has demonstrated dramatically improved results for brands. For example, one major retailer was having issues with connecting to consumers. They were using a combined, fragmented approach to match 12 million customer records. This enabled them to match and reach only 25 per cent of them. By employing the Conversant solution, they were quickly able to match 73 per cent of their customers and the following year could still connect with 83 per cent of those verified customers, compared with their previous 32 per cent. Overall, they increased their year-on-year verified audience eight times over — reaching more than 3.8 million people who were out of their grasp before they partnered with Conversant.

With the endless amount of consumer data out there, the challenge is to grab it, sort it and match it to the right people, so you can message them on a one-to-one basis and in real time. The future will bring us only more data and more ways to reach people, with smart TVs, appliances, wearables and other touchpoints. Good relationships with consumers take more than good algorithms. They take the work of experts to combine large data sets, multiple devices, the right privacy infrastructure and a massive media network. When looking for a partner to help you speak one-to-one with millions, working with Conversant can transform these challenges into opportunities.