The Weekly Round-Up: 03.08.18

An office that has ditched the digital and a hotel that doesn’t want you to stay – it’s all here in the Epsilon Weekly Round-Up.

Holiday-Makers Assemble

Source: Assembly London Source: Assembly London


When it comes to checking off that holiday bucket list, what’s your top three? Finding an authentic eatery? Check. Beers in that off-the-beaten-track bar? Most definitely. Staying all day cooped up in your hotel room? We don’t think so! And neither does the new hotel brand from Criterion Capital. From the mind of London branding agency, Ragged Edge, comes Assembly - a bespoke hotel that wants its visitors to ‘check in’, ‘then check out the city’. Located in London’s West End, Assembly works hard to stand out from the crowd of bland millennial-targeted hotels. This update in accommodation style offers a choice in room size ranging from ‘Snug’ to ‘Den’, giving guests the opportunity to do their living outside of the room.

The Real Price of Real Estate

Source: Amnesty International Source: Amnesty International


As city construction scales, so does homelessness, corruption, and citizen abuse in China. Over the last 20 years, urban development has been at an all time high, resulting in millions of Chinese people losing their homes to luxury real estate.

Amnesty International has come together with Serviceplan Belgium, to draw attention to the crisis. The NGO and the agency have created a 3D architectural model city, with a twist, in order to show the damage being done to China and its citizens. The model, and the short video, is working to promote a petition supporting Ni Yulan, a human rights activist who is living and fighting these traumatic circumstances.

The Old Ways are the Best Ways

Source: Zdnet Source: Zdnet


Government workers of the Matanuska-Susitna Borough in Alaska have been forced back into the days of old this week following the infection of a vicious malware into their computer systems. Though they are slowly rebuilding their systems and recovering data files, in the meantime, the staff have had to dust off their typewriters and take a step back into the previous millenia in order to move forward with their workload.

NASA, A Social Media Star

Source: Instagram @Nasa Source: Instagram @Nasa


Sitting on stars, NASA is taking its social presence to a whole other planet, with their expansive new media plan. In a bid to connect and engage their public with even more intergalactic goodies, they have reinvented how they create video - and where they are publishing it. What’s more, they are doing it all organically. As a government body, NASA cannot use taxpayers dollars to promote and push their content on social. This would seem like a fairly adverse challenge to any brand, but with some Instagram videos reaching up to one million views, the space station doesn’t have too much to worry about.

Print is Dead

Source: W mag Source: W Mag


Or, if it isn’t, there are definitely a lot of signs out there saying that it might be on its last legs. Sources have revealed to the New York Post that Condé Nast is selling what was once considered some of its most beloved publications. This includes fashion go-to – W Magazine and wedding bible – Brides, which has been owned by the publisher for almost 60 of its 80 years of existence. While Condé Nast still holds onto print giants like Vogue, Vanity Fair, The New Yorker and GQ, by putting these two legacy magazines out for shop, is the publisher forecasting even harder times ahead for print?


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