Data clean rooms: An answer to data deprecation and consumer privacy

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Data deprecation, which limits advertisers' use of data management platforms, is having a huge impact on marketers. Between the loss of third-party cookies, regulatory changes to improve consumer privacy and rising walled gardens, marketers are often left in the dark about who their customers are and how to talk to them.

An answer is data clean rooms, a burgeoning solution for brands and publishers that bridges this gap of understanding between marketer and customer. These privacy-forward solutions offer customer insights, measurement and analysis, and provide collaborative spaces among multiple parties, including the consumer whose privacy wishes are paramount.

In this webinar, Tina Moffett, Principal Analyst at Forrester, and Kelley Maves, Senior Vice President, Product and Data at Epsilon, discuss how clean rooms can help brands navigate the new world of marketing where privacy and transparency are key.