Now Tech Identity Resolution, Q3 2020: Forrester’s overview of identity resolution providers

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In the research, Epsilon is the only vendor to be categorized in all four of the primary functionality segments: first-person PII identity, onboarding, embedded digital identity and digital identity.

The growth of touchpoints and devices, data sources and marketing and advertising technologies leaves marketers with a fragmented landscape from which to build an accurate and complete view of the customer. And recent industry developments such as the deprecation of third-party cookies by Google and identifier for advertisers (IDFA) by Apple will require marketers to take new approaches to collecting and assembling data for audience building, activation and measurement.

Marketers can combat ecosystem complexity and futureproof their customer engagement efforts by leveraging the data, technology and processes that comprise identity resolution to address their business objectives. But to achieve this, most will need to select the right identity resolution partner from a diverse group of vendors.

B2C marketers should use this report to better understand:

  • Marketplace definition
  • The value proposition for identity resolution solutions
  • The functionality that customers can expect
  • An overview of vendors in the market, including geographic presence, vertical focus and sample customers

To learn more about what to consider when evaluating an identity resolution partner, download the report.