The email marketer's guide to metrics

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Long gone are the days of launching campaigns and praying it worked. Did that print ad really bring people into your store? Did someone open that email and actually buy something? 

Measurement is the bread and butter of any good email marketing campaign, but no single metric is going to give you a full picture of your performance. Each metric is a piece of a giant puzzle: The “right” metric may not fit if you place it incorrectly, and the “wrong” metric may fit just fine but end up creating a distorted picture.

You need to choose metrics that fit together in the right ways. 

In the guide, we decode popular email metrics to help you understand which ones will help you prove your email marketing performance (and which don't), like: 

  • Open rate 
  • Click-thru rate
  • Click to open rate 
  • Unsubscribe rate 
  • Complaint rate 
  • Inbox rate 
  • ROI 
  • Attribution 

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