Creating retail media that reaches the right shoppers everywhere

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Retail media conversations often revolve around what brands want and what retailers can offer them. But this often overlooks the most important player: the shopper. New global retail media research from Epsilon and CitrusAd reveals something that retailers and brands agree on: Tech fragmentation hurts the shopper experience. So how can retailers and brands work together to fix this?

In this webinar, hosted by the Path to Purchase Institute, hear from Mark Williamson of Epsilon/CitrusAd, Bobby Watts of Peapod Digital Labs, and Mike Peroutka of Gopuff as they discuss strategies to create more shopper-centric retail media, given today’s tools and limitations. Some of the questions the speakers explore include:

  • How has tech fragmentation played a role in your retail media journey — as a brand, a retailer or even as a shopper?
  • How do shoppers factor into your retail media decision-making?
  • What solutions and strategies can help center retail media networks around the shopper journey? What role does data collaboration play in all this?
  • What advice do you have for retailers and brands as they make their tech buying decisions?
  • What’s your ideal shopper journey (both from a brand and retailer perspective), and how do we can actually achieve it?