Abacus® Cooperative transactional data

We provide unique customer insights, which will enrich your own customer information and enable you to reach new customers through traditional and online channels. 

Abacus™ Cooperative

Abacus® is a transactional data cooperative that allows its clients to benefit from a wealth of compliant customer information.

On a weekly basis we gather and record tens of millions of new transactions made by US, UK and Canadian consumers. It’s by taking this transactional data and using the most powerful and effective analytics in practice today, we are able to studiously observe the transactions of businesses and consumers, what and where they purchases, and via what channel. This means that we bring you the largest of profitable new customers. By consistently using this approach we can win their loyalty over time.

We’re trusted by hundreds of businesses both big and small to handle and examine their transactional data which then gives them access to the priceless information from Abacus® Cooperative, which encourages their businesses to continue to grow and flourish.

Our marketing data services: