Digital messaging: Email, mobile & social

Use Agility Harmony to communicate with your customers through the right channels.

Agility Harmony is much more than an email marketing solution. It allows you to keep track of and adjust email, mobile and social campaigns, all in real time. It’s the complete digital marketing solution.

Digital Messaging

With Harmony you can show your customers highly targeted and personalised messages. What’s more, these messages are delivered through the channels that work best for you – email, mobile, social, online and offline. It’s even possible to adjust messaging in real time, while a campaign is running.

Agility Harmony offers a range of support tools for your digital marketing, helping you reach and engage today’s mobile consumers effectively. This lets you build a more profitable relationship with your customers.

Because the digital world changes so quickly, we built Harmony to adapt to that change, while also having the capability to grow and develop along with your business. It’s the new digital marketing software for the new digital age, so you’ll always be prepared for the future.

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