Marketing automation

Epsilon offers a complete, integrated solution for your marketing efforts.

Our unique marketing solution blends analytics, media optimisation, targeting, social marketing, web experience management and cross-channel campaign management.

Working with us you’ll get the marketing automation tools you need to better understand and reach out to individual customers – you can count on our integrated suite of strategy, creative, and technology solutions, as well as our implementation and maintenance of the full suite of Adobe Marketing Cloud offerings.

We take customer data and organise and integrate it. Then we use this transaction-rich information to help you forge better relationships with your customers.

Marketing Automation

With marketing automation you can target your marketing materials and ads more effectively, helping you reach customers who are more likely to have an interest in your products.

Great automation needs great data

The best tools in the world won’t function to support marketing efforts without a solid foundation of data to build from.

We help brands with capturing, cleansing and enhancing their data – so they can develop insights which turn into improved experiences for their customers across all channels.

We collect and combine information and insights, then use the results in real time to make a comprehensive marketing master file for every single customer, a single view that’s designed to be queried or segmented according to client needs.

We then use cutting-edge automated tools on that raw data to help you connect with your customers by delivering the right messages in the moments that matter, on a wide scale.

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