Meet Eric Stein

Eric is EVP of Online Solutions, his team brings many of Epsilon’s traditional capabilities into the online space.

My role
I started and currently manage the team that helps bring many of Epsilon’s traditional capabilities into the online space. We help clients plan, manage and use all of their data assets for display media, analytics and personalization activities across the web. This enables our clients to break down data silos and engage consumers in more meaningful relationships.

My story
I joined Epsilon in 2010, but knew the company well before that. I led the acquisition of Abacus at DoubleClick in 1999. In addition to DoubleClick, I worked at Google, Bessemer Ventures as an EIR and started a data-driven investment research company, Majestic Research. I started my career with Unilever in Milan, Italy.
Outside of work, I’m a Dad of three great kids (and husband to their great Mom), a soccer coach and sometimes cyclist. I enjoy fishing, skiing, history and speaking Italian. I am also President of the Northwest Region of American Friends of Hebrew University in Jerusalem. I’m an active angel investor and have invested in several companies in the ad tech space and beyond.

My philosophy
I believe in bringing your whole self to work and building an environment where people enjoy working. Epsilon is a great example of being able to leverage my entrepreneurialism in fast-paced, creative environment with a great team to build new solutions.

My qualifications
B.A. from University of Pennsylvania. 
M.B.A. from Harvard University.