TargetSource™ survey data

We use survey data to provide marketing insights, which help you reach new customers and enrich your own customer information.


Survey data provides detailed, high quality information to enhance your marketing programs.

We use Shopper’s Voice surveys to gather information from tens of millions of consumers in the US and Canada to find out what they like, what products they use and what they intend to do in the future. This feeds into TargetSource™, North America’s largest self-reported database. We use more than 1,000 variables to segment audiences and collect survey data that you won’t get anywhere else.

For instance, we know that certain consumers have a need for your products or have a pending life event, so we can deliver relevant, timely and personalized messages to persuade them to try your brand.

This survey data includes the responder’s consent to receive further offers across multiple channels, so clients can rest assured that consumer privacy is being respected and protected.

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