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Podcast episodes

#08: A Comprehensive Guide to Value-Led Loyalty

In this final episode, we consolidate the powerful insights we've gathered along our journey. The Epsilon Loyalty Index emerges as a vital tool for UK brands navigating the evolving landscape of consumer expectations and emerging market challenges.

#07: Banking Industry Insights from the Index

From investment products to insurance and credit cards, we share the factors driving customer loyalty in an ever-evolving industry. this episode helps you understand how financial institutions are navigating changing customer expectations.

#06: Grocery Industry Insights from the Index

From the importance of capturing "share of heart" to the evolving landscape of online grocery shopping, we explore how UK grocery retailers are adapting to meet consumer demands.

#05: Electronics & Appliances Industry Insights

In this episode, learn exactly the lever that has emerged as the primary loyalty driver, particularly reflecting consumer's needs for brand trust and personalized experiences.

#04: Fashion Industry Insights from the Index

Listen to hear how sustainability, comfort, and digital transformation shape consumer loyalty, and uncover the exact strategies that fashion retailers need to apply to continually build loyalty.

#03: Approach and Relevance for UK Marketers in 2024

In this episode, we delve into the Epsilon Loyalty Index framework and the insights it offers on UK consumer behaviour in 2024, which has changed dramatically in recent years.

#02: Navigating Loyalty - A Deep Dive into the Index Framework

This episode outlines the practical steps you need to take to solve your marketing challenges, with the help of with real-life examples, helping you to achieve increased engagement and sales.

#01: Understanding Value - Led Loyalty in the UK

Discover how Epsilon's value-led loyalty approach can transform customer engagement, driving meaningful exchanges between brands and consumers.