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2015 Holiday EU Shopper Report

The goal is to provide business and media insight that will enable our clients to increase their returns over the holiday period. In 2015 we identified that holiday shopping around Black Friday and Cyber Monday was set to become a clear trend that could be leveraged by brands and this was borne out by the numbers we saw when we reviewed the year.

This year we expect the holiday shopping trend to both deepen and lengthen, and we have highlighted some ways for advertisers to make better use of their media budgets in that event. We have also highlighted some new trends we can see in the data that we expect to continue to grow. 

Financial data shows 2015 was a good year for consumers and especially the home shopping market, with catalogue/online retailers seeing the largest growth by segment. Along with Mark Pragnell at Capital Economics, “we believe the british economy is on the right track, largely because of consumers, and brexit is unlikely to derail it.”