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How to achieve stronger loyalty programme performance through effective management of privacy compliance

Marketers are coming under constant pressure to balance delivering results whilst maintaining data protection and privacy compliance. We hear a lot about the importance of being data-driven and leveraging data to power up personalised experiences. But consumers expect more than just promotional offers in exchange for their personal information. Consumers want to know what information we hold about them and how it is being processed. They want to know how we protect them and keep their personal information secure. Epsilon sees privacy compliance as an opportunity for marketers to strengthen the effectiveness of their loyalty programme. The opportunity lies in the three key pillars of consumer privacy, namely respect, recognition and protection.


Respect is about clarity and transparency around the value exchange. It is an opportunity for brand marketers to define why consumers should be signing up and how consumers can receive greater value over the lifetime of the relationship with the brand. Epsilon encourages its clients to revisit their data collection practices and identify what is the minimum information required to deliver on their value promise. Technology such as Epsilon’s Agility Loyalty can certainly help in providing the tools to manage consumer opt-ins, consumer profiles and marketing preferences. Epsilon’s CRM and loyalty experts can share with you best practices of how to earn consumers respect from our experiences across the nine hundred and fifty programmes we manage globally for over five hundred and fifty brands.


Recognition is about identifying what is relevant for each consumer no matter what device or channel. Consumers are already bombarded by numerous distractions across a multitude of channels. Successful loyalty programmes deliver useful interactions on the right channel and devices, at the right time. This means providing consumers with frictionless experiences even if they might have multiple identifiers. It also means showing consumers that you have recognised them through relevant information and rewards based on their context. Epsilon calls these experiences and interactions, engaging moments. Marketers can take advantage of Epsilon’s Agility Momentum to deliver these moments at scale, whilst respecting consumer’s privacy choices and preferences. As we have mentioned previously, we help brands shift their marketing communications from 1:1 (a messaging strategy that has ‘generically personalised’ with promotional offers) to 1:You (a holistic consumer experience strategy that delivers next-best personalised choices for individuals across touch points and interactions).




Protection is about giving consumer’s the reassurance that their information is kept safe and secure. Consumers understand their rights and some brand marketers face additional costs to deal with data subject rights. Brand marketers using Epsilon products are benefiting from built-in privacy capabilities to manage compliance without the need for additional investments. Epsilon products provide brand marketers with multiple ways to manage data subject requests (DSRs). Privacy compliance can be approached programmatically using APIs (especially if integrated via digital experiences) and via GUIs (graphical user interfaces). The latter is dependent on the product and majority of our Agility Loyalty clients use the customer service portal to process their consumer’s DSRs.

Loyalty marketers should consider privacy regulations compliance as an opportunity, not a barrier. Regulations such as GDPR and CCPA are creating additional complexities for brands but they also present an opportunity to proactively reach out to consumers to ask them how they would like the brand to engage with them. Consumers that feel respected, recognised and protected will reward you with increased programme participation, brand engagement and ultimately increase in future purchases.

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