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New client personas at Dell FRS

We were in Copenhagen, Denmark for this year’s Dell Field Readiness Seminar (FRS). With over 3000 in attendance, it was a great place for Client Solutions to unveil the new “client personas".

These personas (desk centric, corridor warrior, on-the-go professional, remote worker, specialised user) are relevant to different types of Dell clients depending on their working environment, which would have a different set of needs. Our task was to present the five personas in a fun way so that those in attendance would get the insights they need, while learning and being entertained.

We had previously created a graphic illustrated identity for the different personas, so we were fortunate enough to have experiential knowledge of the task at hand. All we needed was a way to physically display the graphics in a manner that would allow us to bring the attendee on a journey from persona to persona.

So, we decided we’d build a big Perspex tunnel!

That’s right. We created a sequence of 3m x 2m walls on which we mounted the graphics, which contained the different systems required for each persona. By using Perspex and vinyl graphics we were able to play with the transparency/translucency of the materials combined with solid areas of colour to create an immersive journey for the individual.

To bring more life to the area, we added domestic furniture in the "remote worker" zone and, with the same Perspex we’d used to build the walls, we made train-style seats and tables for the “on-the-go professional” zone.

We also included a life-size wooden cut-out of all the personas as an attraction for people to take photos. Plus, we came up with the “Beat it” motif for the competitive comparison area and generated all the graphics (so we may have been responsible for the odd glittery glove in attendance!)

And the event proved to be a great success. The 3000+ in attendance were fully engaged and eager to learn. It resulted in the training and educating of generalists, and specialised sales and marketing people across Dell offices. They’re now up-to-date with various products and Dell services, and can be fully confident in their roles and in what Dell has to offer. Plus, we (and most importantly, they) had loads of fun.

Hope to see you again, Copenhagen.

Tusind tak! (a thousand thanks!)