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Introducing: The Snackbook

Epsilon creative teams in London and the US joined forces to deliver a hand-made Holiday gift that tastes as good as it looks.

It’s the age-old agency question.

What do we send our clients at Christmas?

A few months ago, the Epsilon creative teams in London, Dublin, and the US were set the challenge of answering that question.

What followed was a flood of ideas. Some good. Some brilliant. Some for the ‘maybe’ pile.

But in the end, a winner was chosen.



Introducing The Snackbook. A custom-made gingerbread laptop that our clients could build and decorate themselves.

Because after a year of hard work, how better to take a break and get away from technology? Well, not too far away.

Armed with a detailed spreadsheet from the project manager, the teams set to work figuring out how to create custom-made gingerbread laptops on both sides of the Atlantic - and deliver them in one piece in time for Christmas.

After a tense start (are all the gingerbread bakers booked up already? Will we have to bake them ourselves? Will the laws of physics allow for the laptops to stand up properly?) it started to come together.

And two gingerbread bakers, a printer, a few trips to the supermarket and a couple of production lines later, over 400 Snackbooks were packed up and ready to go.

Each one had top-of-the-range specs like a 7-inch biscuit display, HD hunger sensors and 227 crumbs per inch, plus icing, instructions, and sweets.




It was all about helping our clients to have some fun and get creative – and get creative they did!

Screen Shot 2017-01-03 at 3.32.18 PM (1)


Screen Shot 2017-01-03 at 3.31.12 PM

Now we better start working on next year’s…