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4 consideration areas for evolving your travel marketing approach

Today’s economic climate means consumers are being savvier when it comes to spending on life’s luxuries, such as holidays. But the value people put on travel as a way of escaping from the stresses of everyday life means there are opportunities to influence their decisions through technology and messaging.

Here are four areas worth exploring if you’re looking to develop more impactful and cost-effective marketing activity.

1. Focus on high-value travellers  

Look to target those who are back travelling and are willing to spend. After all, this will be the easiest group to influence. Use data and technology to understand where they’ve been – and their future considerations – then tailor your messaging around those destinations that may resonate to encourage them to travel with you.   

2. Build up your loyalty programme 

Ensure you’re using your loyalty programme to keep current customers engaged while removing any barriers to entry to make it easy and quick for new customers to join. Ask for the minimum information to maximise sign-ups but look for key moments to encourage travellers to provide more information, such as when they redeem points.    

3. Take advantage of technology

Carrying out effective multi-channel marketing is complex, so make sure you have the platforms to achieve your objectives. Invest in technologies that can simplify and speed up your activities, from Customer Data Platforms and Data Clean Rooms to control and activate your data to email and messaging platforms to streamline and automate your communications. And take advantage of machine learning to understand what messaging sequences and adverting combinations resonate with your audiences. Whether display advertising, video, mobile, or desktop, ensure you’re optimising your audience interactions and their individual journeys.

4. Communicate around value  

Adapt your messaging to reflect the realities of today’s economic situation and be sensitive and empathetic to your travellers’ needs.

To cope with the cost-of-living crisis, more people are opting for all-inclusive options to help them manage and control their spending. Others are dealing with rising costs by taking fewer holidays or seeking cheaper travel options. So use your data insights to message people with personalised information reflecting their current circumstances and mindset that will resonate with them.

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