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4 fashion marketing focus areas to keep you on trend

Surviving and prospering in today's environment means concentrating on activities that better connect you with your key audiences. Focusing on these 4 areas will help you deliver more effective marketing. 

1. Remember that in customer communications, one size never fits all  

Fashion choices are very individual, and how you communicate with your customers must be the same. Mass marketing strategies are general, bland, and ineffective. Today your customers expect tailored experiences around their needs and interests, especially if they're regular buyers. So ensure you're set up to collect and use data that allows you to speak to them as real people. Use information such as what size they order, what colours they choose, what products appeal to them, and when they buy. The more data you can employ, the better the experience and the better you can connect with them. When developing your messaging, customise as much as possible based on what you know about the buyer.  

2. Boost loyalty by understanding the why, not just the what 

Make sure you're focusing on your loyal customers. After all, repeat buyers are where profitability lies – which is especially important during today's economic times –   and they also act as advocates and influencers for your brand. And brand preference has an emotional element based on your customer's perceptions of you and your ethos: it comes down to why they trust you. Use insights to understand their intentions, perceptions and why they buy from you to enhance your relationship, so you can focus on communicating what's important to them. Keeping them loyal will keep them buying. 

3. Use your loyal customer to drive profitable acquisition

Even in challenging times, attracting new customers remains critical to delivering future success. But focus your acquisition strategy around attracting more profitable new customers. Understand the characteristics of your best customers, then target lookalike prospects matching their profile. Not only will it ensure you continue to grow your business, but long-term profitability will come from those new buyers with the potential to become high-value repeat customers, boosting .   

4. Improve campaign effectiveness by buying better media 

Investing in a strong digital identity delivers a wealth of benefits, including reducing advertising waste. It allows you to focus on targeting people, not devices, and buy more higher quality impressions while cutting out poor low-value placements. In doing so your media buying becomes more efficient and you deliver more effective campaigns.   

If you're looking for help in any of these areas, or want to understand more about how adopting these approaches can benefit your business, then please contact us.

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