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Retailers see 3x sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday when messaging begins in September

New research reveals that when UK consumers receive promotional messages in September, they are three times more likely to buy products and services during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


Delivering messaging over time results in more sales and site-visits

According to the Peak Week Consumer Purchasing Habits 2018 report, marketers and advertisers who start their campaigns earlier treble their sales conversion rates compared to those who leave it until November. For fashion brands in particular, consumers become six-times more likely to make a purchase.

Further, consumers that receive a brand's messages consistently from September to November are four-times more likely to visit an advertiser's website during Peak Week.

The research, Peak Week Consumer Purchasing Habits 2018,  consists of data gleaned from Conversant's single customer view, which enables advertisers to first recognise consumers, before serving them personalised and relevant messages, and then - importantly - measuring the impact of that messaging.

Christie Yaggy, Conversant's European VP of Analytics, talks through the report and the key takeaways for brand marketers in the video below.


The report further highlights the increasing number of consumer paths-to-purchase occurring across two or more devices.

"It is intuitive that the more devices consumers own, the more ads are shown across those devices," explains Yaggy. "So, the likelihood that there will be sales that occur across devices is higher."

The ever-increasing cross-device path-to-purchase

In 2016, a minority (30%) of consumer paths-to-purchase occurred across two or more devices. But last year, the majority (56%) of consumer paths-to-purchase involved two or more devices.

"We expect this trend will continue to increase in 2018," concludes Yaggy.

Claim your courtesy copy of the Peak Week Consumer Purchasing Habits 2018 report to harness informative insight on consumer purchasing habits during the peak shopping period.