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4 ways to upgrade your destination marketing strategy for 2023

The big picture 

By better understanding their location, visitors, and marketing impact, destination marketing organisations (DMOs) can change how they operate to reflect today's travel reality.   

Why it's important 

The difficulties the travel industry has faced over the recent years have impacted local economies. For DMOs and their marketing strategy, doing the same thing is no longer an option. Now they must take advantage of this opportunity to reassess their current approach and enact change to drive greater value for their destination, which will benefit the whole community.  

Deeper dive 

Here are 4 ways DMOs can drive and demonstrate value across the communities they support:

  1. Adapt a new mindset: Travel and travellers have changed, so your marketing approach must also. Proactivity is essential. Move from thinking 'destination marketing' to 'destination management'. Embrace everything this entails and move beyond the traditional travel-related areas to understand how your activities impact the broader community. 

  2. Put data at the centre of all your activity: Focus on building up your first-party data and connecting all your information – online and offline. Understand your visitors as individuals, then communicate with them in this way. From garnering insights to delivering timely, impactful communications, ensure data is the foundation of your marketing.

  3. Take advantage of technology: Marketing's complex enough without going it alone. Embrace technologies to simplify and speed up your activities. So invest in Customer Data Platforms and Data Clean Rooms to gain control and activate your data. Use machine learning to understand and optimise your audience interactions and measure success across all your channels.

  4. Expand your measurement: Surveys and traditional digital metrics don't provide the insights you need today. Measure across all channels, devices, and behaviours by connecting online and offline spend to understand and show the difference your marketing is making.  


The bottom line 

Only by taking action now can DMOs ensure their marketing will be relevant to the needs of their area now and in the future.  

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