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CMP and the CX: what retailers need to know about privacy, cookies and consent management platform strategy

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Seeking consumers’ consent to use their digital data is no longer simply a tick box exercise to meet escalating regulation — the way it’s done is increasingly becoming a customer experience (CX) differentiator for retailers and brands.​

How data is captured, managed and used is now focusing on consumer choice. Educating your customers about how their data is managed and respecting their choices gives brands the opportunity to deliver what their customers now require, while building positive brand value, loyalty and an edge over competition. 
This report explores the background, highlights good consent management platform (CMP) practice, and delivers insight from those navigating a new privacy landscape. 

You will learn: 

  • Privacy and digital ad timeline — a potted history 
  • The carrot and the stick — why is CMP best practice important? 
  • Examples of best practice CMP 
  • 5 key takeaways