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From destination marketing to destination management

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As we approach 2023, destination marketers can no longer rely on absorbing existing demand as part of their marketing impact. Now it’s about actively building demand. With consumers looking to spend more time researching and comparing costs as they plan their holidays, while travel is a growing market, it’s also even more competitive. Now is the time to start afresh and upgrade your marketing approach.

While the past years have caused an abrupt disruption to the industry, for DMOs, it also presents a key inflection point: to continue marketing as usual, or to meet the need of showing clear, demonstrable ROI for their destination. For many, resting on laurels or “what we’ve always done” isn’t a viable option.

Featuring insights from Epsilon and destination marketers, this guide is designed to help DMOs adapt to changing customer needs, today and in the future, to deliver results that meet and exceed stakeholder expectations.

You will learn:

    • Marketing strategies that lead to clear, demonstrable ROI for your community.
    • Specific action items to help ground your efforts and kickstart your evolution.
    • Case studies of travel and tourism organizations that have successfully boosted their ROI.
    • Insights from other destination marketers on their COVID challenges and successes.