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How to sustain the new digital momentum ?

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During the pandemic, brands and consumers have been on a journey, and it is clear that the markets they have emerged into are radically altered. With high streets closed and business disrupted, online blossomed as customers turned to ecommerce to deliver what they could no longer get in the shuttered up "real world". 

Research by Epsilon, in conjunction with Campaign, explored the extent of the digital transformation and found it has reshaped many businesses. And it turns out the majority (78%) believe this is a permanent transformation. 

Download the full report: How to Sustain the New Digital Momentum: how can brands maintain online growth and build customer loyalty in a post-pandemic world?

In this report, you'll learn:

  • Was the digital boom a lasting transformation? 
  • Instilling brand loyalty 
  • Understanding customer behaviour 
  • Sustaining digital momentum 
  • Strategies to stay front of mind