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Loyalty with a small “l”

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2021 – The year of retention 

There was a high level of online customer acquisition last year. The challenge for 2021 is to keep those customers – and drive long-term value from them, by using the data they have given you to provide great experiences. 

We partnered with IMRG at Fashion Connect 2021 to understand what and how consumers think. We found: 

  • 55% of consumers are willing to more for simpler experiences 
  • 68% of consumers are happy to provide personal information when they order to receive a more tailored shopping experience
  • 7% of respondents believe retailers do an excellent job of personalising the experience

In this guide you’ll learn:  

  • The three pillars of customer loyalty 
  • Examples of brands who are doing it right 
  • 5 key takeaways