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Six stats summing up the state of ecommerce post pandemic

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The big picture 

This transformation has been wide-ranging, leaving few consumer-facing sectors untouched and strategic imperatives such as ecommerce investment, digital marketing and customer loyalty all deeply affected. 


  • 7% experienced online business greater than predicted during 2020  
  • 78% of businesses believe this rapid online growth is permanent
  • 79% of firms invested in their ecommerce channels during 2020 in response to the customer shift to online
  • 70% of companies invested in digital marketing
  • 6% of businesses say they feel under pressure to beat or maintain the peak in ecommerce achieved during 2020
  • 7% of respondents say that even in this fast-evolving environment they are confident about attracting second-time customers.

In a nutshell

Epsilon’s research shows that the pandemic has dramatically accelerated the growth and maturation of ecommerce across a broad range of sectors and business types. This transformation is permanent, but organisations feel under real pressure to maintain their slice of the ecommerce action and justify their investment. 

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